“Trophies Don’t Pay the Rent…”

One of my “gurus” shared a really cool story with me yesterday that really got me thinking.  The story was about an aspiring young cyclist whose perspective on winning was to become a professional and get paid rather than collecting trophies.  In the story he actually destroys one of his trophies in an attempt to entertain himself and 2 other young cyclists.  When one of the other cyclists asked him, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???”, his response was “Trophies don’t pay the rent.”

Upon reading this story, I was immediately amused as I am not motivated or validated by trophies or prizes.  The quote stuck in my head and I continued thinking about it all day.  I started thinking about the deeper meaning to the quote and it’s applicability to the everyday athletes that I train.

I train “real people”.  I don’t train professional athletes that get paid to perform.  My clients consist of Billy who wants to make the middle school basketball team, Sally who wants to get a scholarship to play college soccer, Jason who needs to pass his PT test, Nancy that wants to compete in a local CrossFit competition, or Frank that needs to lose 100 lbs.  Trophies don’t pay the rent for these people, but the process will.

The process is a powerful thing.  Setting a goal.  Developing a plan.  Executing the plan to the best of your ability.  Learning from the outcome.  Moving forward.  The trophies will end up in storage, covered in dust – but the lessons learned from the process or preparation and competition will last a lifetime.

Thanks for your continued inspiration, Matt.



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